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An advanced esthetic exfoliation technique where a dermal blade is used to remove the top layer of skin cells. A bonus is also hair removal. Great for stubborn pigmentation and thicker protein bonds with the skin. *Must be off Retin A for one month prior* $55 for a one hour, $75 for a 90 minute.

Gua Sha Massage

Super popular as an upgrade to any facial! Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have several different shapes of gua sha tools to achieve different results; sculpting, helping increase blood flow and unblocking stagnation in the sinus areas, scalp stimulation to help relieve tension and stress. Consult with me for the best options – I also have workshops available.


My most popular service! I can do body as well! I love microderm for almost every skin I can think of – oily, dry, congested, flaky, young, mature, acne prone, sensitive, you name it, I have done microdermabrasion on it! I have a wonderfully custom ready machine that can let me adjust every single setting, so the possibilities are endless. $55/$65/$75

Oxygen Misting Facials – 55 min $50 – Sensitive Skin? Dehydrated? This is a perfect facial for you! Oxygen and Rosewater combine to give you a wonderful spa experience unlike any other. Get glow-worthy with a scrub and Gua Sha!
Deluxe Facials – 90 min $75 – Microdermabrasion OR Dermaplaning, Gua Sha massage, Photon Light treatments, or shoulder massage – custom to your needs
UNICORN FACIALS – 75 min $65 – Perfect in-between of luxury and function – choice of exfoliation, custom masks , and extra Gua Sha massage or bonus jelly peel off treatments for the unique unicorn you are!

So many more options available! Check out the FAQ for more info too!

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