Dayton’s Unicorn Facial and Unicorn Upgrades Advanced Esthetician!

Welcome to Jenn Laughhunn Skin Care! Please excuse my mess as I revamp and rebrand in 2021. Coming soon will be exciting pictures, before and afters, and all kinds of goodness to help you choose what facial is best for you!

Specializing in Dermaplaing, Microdermabrasion, Enzyme Exfoliation and more, I offer one hour, 75 minute, and 90 minute Deluxe facials, all with the ability to upgrade options for extra relaxation and specific treatments. My goal is to keep your facials unique and custom to you that day, every time I see you, whether it be your first or fiftieth session with me.

Diamond Tipped Microdermabrasion, pre-COVID, 2019 picture

$65 One Hour Facial Options

MICRODERMABRASION – great for helping control excessive oil production, blackheads, hyperpigmentation, texture, roughness, flakes, whiteheads, pretty much all types of skin and all kinds of imperfections – this is my favorite service and what I do the most of. I have so many combinations of diamond tips and control of my machine, I can take care of anyone from 14 to 140!

DERMAPLANING – an advanced esthetic technique where a dermal blade is used to remove excess dead skin and debris, along with the added bonus of the ‘fuzzies’, I like to suggest this facial for skin that does not have active outbreaks, for someone who is looking for a bit deeper exfoliation, and someone not on a topical prescription for skin as well. This is also the only facial that I will and have refused to perform due to any skin issues. Keeping your skin integrity is the most important thing!

CUSTOM – use this for booking an Enzyme Exfoliation only facial, when you are undecided as to what fits your skin the best, or when you are in need of a natural skin treatment as well. I have several offerings that I keep in house to fit any and all skin types, but don’t want to clog up the menu with TOO many choices either for my busy clients! Trust that I always have something for you.

2019 GUA SHA facial massage

$75 and $85 Offerings

UNICORN – becoming one of my most popular services, this facial is 75 minutes for $75, and includes one of the above facials, PLUS one of the below upgrades. Also, while not on the menu, you can ask for an extended facial massage – my absolute favorite thing to do! A great way to get a facial plus a bonus, with a great price!

DELUXE – 90 minutes coming in at $85, this is a way to get a nap, a therapy session, or both while we exfoliate, steam and/or massage away however your life gets you feeling less than your Unicorn best! Sometimes we cram as many upgrades as we can, sometimes we only do one but do it perfectly. We always discuss beforehand!

$10 Unicorn Upgrades

Hydrojelly Mask – have you seen these all over the web? I use esthemax brand masks in a variety of ‘flavors’ we can custom blend for you. I try to keep 10 to 14 on hand, and like to use 2 to 3 per mask because they are so fun! They lock in our treatment, smell amazing, and feel like a weighted blanket for your skin. Plus, peeling them off in one piece just brings whimsy to everyone involved.

Gua Sha – based in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), this type of massage with stones can help lymph drainage in the body, especially in the face and neck. Also beneficial for blood circulation and to promote some facial sculpting, I have had the benefit of being trained and holding workshops in this technique for some time.

LED Light Therapy – Blue, Green or Red light can be added to help with anti-aging, anti-acne, or anti-inflammatory masks and treatments to promote accelerated results in a shorter time frame.

Enzyme Exfoliant – for a deeper exfoliation and an alternate to chemical peels, add this to an existing facial for a super strength softening glow! Also helps with acne and scarring due to the fruit enzymes this uses for power. *This is an exception at $20 for extra time and products*

By Request – I also offer Reiki and Makeup Services as well, please feel free to contact me at the below email and phone number. Rates for both start at $65+ an hour – I do perform Reiki in my suite only at this time. Thank you!

4140 Linden Ave
Suite 229 inside The Spa and Salon Connections
Dayton OH 45432, By Appointment Only