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General Questions and Tips

Medicines and Topicals
I unfortunately will not be able to perform any type of exfoliation service on you if you have used Accutane in the last 12 months. For Dermaplaning, I need my clients to be off Retin A for at least 30 days prior; Microdermabrasion is a case by case basis, so please consult with me in person.

Injectables and Fillers
Please consult with your Doctor as to when you can come in prior to the service being performed – they all have different times they prefer. For Botox, please wait 10 days after; for all other facial injectables and fillers, please wait at least 14 to 21 days.


Please make me aware of any life threatening allergies you might have immediately prior to any services. I try and stay mindful of ingredients, but there are a few nut and sea based products in my room. These products are always optional, as I hope I keep everything as allergen free as possible.

Please wait to come upstairs for your appointment until we have exchanged texts that the room is ready. Please come alone – I will be taking temperatures and unfortunately will be turning away anyone with a fever. Other guidelines may change as the months do as well!

Please contact me ASAP if you are ill. I would prefer that we reschedule rather than you feel that you need to come in. I do work closely with hundreds of people a month, and while my immunity is pretty ok, the next client behind you might not be. Thanks for your consideration.

No Call / No Show
Occasionally things do happen in life and we forget about appointments. I do have text and email reminders available to help you stay on top of your upcoming facials. If I do not hear back from you after I reach out, you will lose a prepaid facial, loss of online booking, or both, at my discretion.

Which Facial DO I Choose??

Microdermabrasion $55
This is my favorite for everyone’s default choice. If you feel like you have “pore” issues, choose this over any other. Great for scarring, uneven tone or texture!

Dermaplaning $55
If you’ve had facials before and want to step up your game, book this! Great for more in depth exfoliation.

Oxygen Misting $50
For my sensitive, dry skinned – more on the natural side, this uses oxygen and rosewater to replenish and renew! Includes gua sha massage!

Custom $55
When you can’t decide, and you want to save an hour for skin care, use this option! Custom skin is always in!

Deluxe $75
Ultimate everything – everything I can possibly do without irritating your skin in 90 minutes while still letting you snooze.

Unicorn $65
In between a regular and a Deluxe, for pampering plus results at 75 minutes, this is nothing to Neigh At.

Acne Facial $55
This facial can help stubborn oil and bacteria get out of your pores and your life. Ultrasonic Scrubbing, Microdermabrasion, and High Frequency makes this a potent power combo.

Acne Deluxe $75
Every machine and tool at my disposable to help heal, soothe, extract and prevent acne and scarring. Includes LED photon therapy and several masks to prevent irritation and dryness.

Unicorn Upgrades $10 – 15
Add on to any facial for extra luxe treatment! These include High Frequency, LED Photon Therapy, Hydrojelly masks, Gua Sha massage and Body Microdermabrasion.

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